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At the beginning of the 19th century, Kayakoy was in full flow. Schools, churches, shops and business operated in harmony. Life was good. The village was thriving as a community.The twist and most important part of its history lie in the fact that within the village, Greeks and Turks lived side-by-side. The Greeks called the village Levissi while the Turks called it Kayakoy.

Kayakoy Turkeyhorse riding in Kayakoy 


Nowadays, the ghost village is one of the biggest tourist attractions for Fethiye and the surrounding resorts. A few locals sell food and souvenirs to passing tourists and there are some occupied houses away from the main bunch of deserted properties on the hill.With an effort to move on from the past, UNESCO named Kayakoy a world friendship and peace village. Walking around the village is interesting but you will appreciate it more,  if you research the history beforehand.


blue lagoon oludeniz ile ilgili görsel sonucu

This Lagoon is the much photographed gem of Turkey's Southern Coast, famous for its ever varying shades of turquoise and azure, and soft sands.


Separated from the main beach by a sand bar and narrow channel, the lagoon beckons you into its shallow waters. You can immerse yourself, paddle barefoot along the shoreline or swim across to the tiny island at the mouth of the lagoon. Here no boats are allowed in to disrupt the peace?.canoes and paddle-boats can be hired to explore the rocky shores of the inner lagoon and search for mussels or use your snorkel to discover the myriad of tiny fish which start their life in these sheltered waters .

                                                                blue lagoon oludeniz ile ilgili görsel sonucu


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